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North Dakota Reading Corps

North Dakota Reading Corps, a strategic initiative of South East Education Cooperative, demonstrates how national service and literacy science can accelerate improvement in both students and systems. By mobilizing the people power of AmeriCorps, Reading Corps provides evidence-based literacy interventions and data-based assessments to children from age three to grade three. Our goal is to help every child become a successful reader by the end of 3rd grade.

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Jolene Garty
Program Manager
(701) 446-3173


Program Performance

2016-2017 Performance


  • A total of 817 students kindergarten through 3rd grade were served at 39 sites.
  • Forty-seven K-3 tutors served with N.D. Reading Corps.
  • On average, K-3 students received approximately 69 minutes of tutoring per week and 15 weeks of tutoring before qualifying to exit the program.
  • 82% of students had a weekly growth rate above their grade level target.
  • The average weekly growth rate for students exceeded the target growth for all five grade levels and measures.


  • A total of 109 PreK students were served at six sites.
  • Seven tutors served in the PreK program.
  • On average, PreK students received approximately 13 weeks of tutoring with an average of 20 minutes per week.
  • Of students who will likely attend kindergarten the following year (Age 4 and 5), 100% demonstrated growth on three or more of the five measures, and 49% demonstrated growth on ALL five measures: (Picture Naming, Alliteration, Rhyming, Letter Name Fluency, and Letter Sound Fluency).
  • The percentage of students meeting the Kindergarten readiness target increased between 38 and 55 percentage points from the fall to the spring for each measure.


  • The vast majority of Internal Coaches, administrators, teachers, and tutors reported that participation in Reading Corps had a positive impact on both their students and their site.
  • 97% of teachers responded that tutors are a valuable component of their school's reading resources
  • 90% of administrators and 100% of Internal Coaches reported that they would recommend Reading Corps to others in their network.


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