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North Dakota Reading Corps

North Dakota Reading Corps, a strategic initiative of South East Education Cooperative, demonstrates how national service and literacy science can accelerate improvement in both students and systems. By mobilizing the people power of AmeriCorps, Reading Corps provides evidence-based literacy interventions and data-based assessments to children from age three to grade three. Our goal is to help every child become a successful reader by the end of 3rd grade.


20-21 Performance


  • A total of 597 students kindergarten through 3rd grade were served at 50 sites.
  • Forty-four K-3 tutors served with N.D. Reading Corps.
  • On average, K-3 students received approximately 68 minutes of tutoring per week and 16 weeks of tutoring before qualifying to exit the program.
  • Weekly progress monitoring scores for participating students demonstrated that 75% of students had a weekly growth rate above their grade level target. Additionally, the average weekly growth rate for students exceeded the target growth for all five grade levels and measures.
  • About 75% of all students tutored were catching up to their grade level targets, with Kindergarten and grade 3 having the highest percentage of students above target growth.


  • A total of 352 PreK students were served at 13 sites.
  • Twenty-three tutors served in the PreK program.
  • On average, PreK students received approximately 16 weeks of tutoring with an average of 29 minutes per week.
  • 75% of Age 4 and 5 students and 94% of Age 3 students met the winter target on the PELI Composite, an overall representation of a student’s early literacy and language skills.
  • 88% of Age 4 and 5 students and 92% of Age 3 students met the spring target on the Early Math Inventory, an overall representation of a student's early numeracy skills.
  • Of students who will likely move to Kindergarten next year (Age 4 and 5), 96% demonstrated growth on three or more measures, and 51% demonstrated growth on all five measures.
  • 100% of students demonstrated growth on at least one measure, and 96% of Age 4 and Age 5 students demonstrated growth on three or more of the measures, showing that the majority of students are making progress in a number of important skills.
  • Tutors at the PreK level use measures of early literacy to evaluate their students’ Kindergarten readiness. These measures correspond to important early literacy skills including early phonemic awareness, early phonics skills, and early vocabulary or language skills.


  • The vast majority of Internal Coaches (96%) and tutors (91%) responding to an end-of-year survey would recommend the Reading Corps program to others.
  • Respondents also agreed that participation in Reading Corps had a positive impact on both their students and their site.
  • 96% of Internal Coaches agreed that Reading Corps is an integral part of their multi-tier system of supports.
  • 100% of tutors reported that Reading Corps had a positive impact on them this school year.
  • Tutors also agreed that Reading Corps participation increased students’ confidence in reading (100%) and enjoyment when reading (87%).
  • After their service, 50% of tutors are considering a career in teaching or education, and most tutors are interested in continuing to serve their community.


Contact Information


Maria Bigelow

ND Reading & Math Corps Program Coordinator




South East Education Cooperative's North Dakota Reading Corps program is a collaborating United Way of Cass-Clay Community Partner UNITED in working toward United Way of Cass-Clay’s BOLD Community Goal to Prepare Children to Succeed. This BOLD goal strategy is to prepare children to enter school ready to succeed and to be successful as they progress through school and graduate ready for post-secondary or the workforce.