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Frequently Asked Questions


Elementary Literacy members: ND Reading Corps members work one-on-one with Kindergarten through 3rd-grade students that fall just below the proficient reading line for their grade level. Members meet with each of their students for 20 minutes each day, five days a week in a pull-out format during the school day. Members use research-based scripted practices (referred to as literacy interventions) to practice reading and teach them strategies to become better readers. On average, students receive service for about 13 weeks or until they reach grade level proficiency and exit the program. Members progress monitor their students and chart it. Once a student exits the program, a new student is added to their caseload.

Preschool members: ND Reading Corps members are embedded in a preschool classroom setting during the day. The member will work as part of the classroom to deliver literacy strategies within the classroom instruction that all the children in the class receive. Member will also progress monitor all students in their class throughout the year.

Members are required to commit to either 675 or 900 total hours of service with the program. All members must commit to working throughout the entire school year (September-May). This works out to be approximately 20 hours a week for a 675 member and 28 hours a week for a 900 level member.

AmeriCorps members work with students during the school day. As a result, we are looking for candidates that are available M-F during school hours (typically from 8:00 AM-3:30 PM, though exact hours differ by site and maybe shorter). Morning or afternoon schedules may be available. Because students have the best chance at making progress when interventions are delivered daily with a consistent schedule, our AmeriCorps members are required to work a consistent weekly schedule. Some of our past members are college students. If you have questions as to whether your schedule will work with our program, please contact us for more information.

Because AmeriCorps is a volunteer-based organization, instead of receiving an hourly wage, members receive a living allowance for the program year which is divided into even monthly disbursements. The monthly living allowance for the 9-month program year is $1,025 for a 675-hour member or $1,350 for a 900-hour member. In addition to the monthly living stipend, members that successfully complete their hour commitment and other program requirements will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award. 

Upon successful completion of a term of service, members are eligible to receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, which may be used only to pay college tuition costs or to repay qualified student loans. Education awards are $2,474.27 for 675-hour members and $3,247.50 for 900-hour members.

Members have up to 7 years to use the award. Members over the age of 55+ on their first day of services can transfer the award to a child, stepchild, or grandchild. For more information about how the Education Award works, please visit the Corporation for National and Community Service. For a list of North Dakota education institutions that accept the Education Award, please visit the ND Commission on National and Community Service. The education award is considered taxable income in the year it is used.

Successful completion means serving through the school year through May and completing all of the AmeriCorps hours.

At the start of service, candidates must be at least 18 years old, have a high school degree, and be a Legal Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen. All members must be able to pass a background check which includes a National Sex Offender Check, a state BCI check, and an FBI check. Disqualifying offenses include felony offenses.

We are looking for individuals that have a strong interest in education, experience working with elementary-age children, that can speak, read, and write English fluently, and individuals that are responsible, organized, motivated, and professional.

No, the program will provide all the training needed to deliver literacy interventions with fidelity. Each member will be paired with a school staff member on-site to provide support and supervision.

For K-3 (elementary) tutors, a hybrid model of training is required - involving online and in=person training (typically starting in early September 8am - 5pm). All tutors are required to attend. For PreK (preschool) tutors, the required training will be held in person and on Zoom throughout the course of the year.

For PreK tutors (preschool), the required training will be held in August in Fargo. Four additional follow-up training will be held (9-3 PM) in Fargo over the course of the program year.

Participating schools vary from year to year and some schools may have a returning tutor. The tutor application allows you to designate a preferred school OR you can contact one of our staff members to find out which schools still have open tutor slots. We anticipate tutors will be placed in the following school districts: 

  • K-3 Tutors: Bismarck, Fargo, Minot, Northern Cass, Jamestown, and West Fargo
  • Preschool Tutors: Fargo and West Fargo

Placements are made on a rolling basis beginning in March. Apply today!

Visit the application link above, or click here. After completing the application, click submit to complete the form electronically.

The application requests information on your education, employment, and volunteer experience. You will also be required to submit contact information for at least one reference. That reference will be contacted immediately after you submit your application and will be asked to submit an electronic reference form.

After you complete the application, our program may contact you for an informational phone call. Following the call, if you are selected for an interview, our program will contact you to schedule an interview appointment with the participating host school. We will also email one of your references to request they complete a required reference form.