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Timesheets are submitted in OnCorps every month. Watch the video below to learn more about how to login and submit your timesheet.

Timesheet and Payroll Schedule - Review the schedule for information including timesheet submission deadlines and payroll dates.

  1. Instructions for Requesting Forbearance on Qualified Student Loans  |  If you have federally-backed student loans (check with your loan provider), you may be eligible to put your loans into forbearance during your term of service with AmeriCorps. To learn more click on this guide.

  2. Segal Education Award  |  Upon successful completion of the term of service and all program requirements, members are eligible to receive an education award. Members can use the education award to pay educational expenses at qualified institutions of higher education, for educational training, or to repay qualified student loans. Members who are 55 years or older by their enrollment date are eligible to transfer their award to an eligible child, grandchild, or foster child. To learn more about the different uses of the AmeriCorps Education Award click on one of the links below.

 Webinar Resources on How to Use the Education Award:  Using the Education Award to Pay for Future Education (21 min) 

 Match your Education Award

  • Colleges and Universities across the country acknowledge the value of service and will match some or all of your Education Award. Search here for participating institutions.

Non-Traditional Uses for the Education Award

  • Get creative in the use of your education award. Check out this article highlighting some unique options and think outside of the box!

Need More Information About the AmeriCorps Education Award?

Use the My AmeriCorps Portal to Manage Your Education Award

  • Check your award balance and value
  • Request payments to educational institution and loan holder
  • Request forbearance on qualified student loans
  • Update contact information
  • Access tax statements(for interest payments on qualifying student loans)

2020-21 AmeriCorps Policy Manual

OnCorpsMembers use OnCorps Reports to submit timesheets, Service Opportunity Requests, and Great Stories. Internal Coaches use OnCorps to approve timesheets and submit member performance evaluations.

MyAmeriCorps (choose your own username and password) This website is where members access AmeriCorps benefits such as the Education Award and Loan Forbearance. This is also where members will enroll and exit from the AmeriCorps program.

Learning Management System (LMS)- This is the website where members access their online learning courses for training such as Service Kick Off Orientation, Institute, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Fundamental 1, and other Supplemental training resources throughout their year of service.

RCDMS Reading Corps tutors use the Reading Corps Data Management System to record student data and are required to update tutor logs by 5:00 pm every Friday, at their service site.

MCDMS Math Corps tutors use the Math Corps Data Management System to record student data and are required to update tutor logs by 5:00 pm every Friday, at their service site.

Purchase More Gear You have the option to purchase additional apparel items through this site. You will need to first create an account. Don’t worry that the logos pictured list Minnesota RC or MC. Just be sure to list in the notes section that you are a North Dakota tutor and they will get you the correct gear!

How to Submit a Great Story Video

Facebook Page: Follow ND Reading and Math Corps on Facebook to stay up to date on program news.